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For the tour of a lifetime, combine your next visit to Walhalla (the valley of the gods) with an unforgettable journey on the Walhalla Goldfields Railway one of Australia’s most spectacular narrow gauge railways AND a guided underground tour in the famous Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine where you can explore the rich history of GOLD upon which Walhalla was founded.

Set amongst natural alpine beauty and surrounded by gold-era heritage, both venues are Walhalla’s leading tourism attractions and have been thrilling local, national and International visitors for decades. Only 2hrs east of Melbourne, make your next day out this unique destination.

About the tour

Upon arrival into Walhalla, the unique narrow gauge railway and its beautiful 1920s replica train station greet you on the hillside below. Our station is where you can commence your journey along tracks through the spectacular gullies of Stringers Gorge across the Thomson River to the rail yards and platform of Thomson station.

A further kilometre along the road through the heritage township of Walhalla, past the mining slag heaps of times gone-by lies the entrance of the famous Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine that produced over 13 tonnes of gold from the hills until its closure in 1914. Here you enjoy a guided tour underground and hear firsthand how the miners toiled by day and night in harsh and unforgiving conditions.


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Use your unique GOLD PASS on the special days of entry into both tourism attractions – Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday along with some public holidays and special events – you can start your tour at either end of town! Use your Golden Swag to map the township and explore some heritage trails.

We can’t wait to see you as we celebrate Walhalla Gold.

Walhalla Gold

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